Pedestals and Display Cases

Glass Case Pedestal can be used to securely display anything on it's solidly crafted base. Case includes a rotating base within a lighted display area. Made of solid cherry with ebony and cherry inlay. Plaque Pedestals are obviously used to display plaques and are designed with a solidly constructed base able to withstand decades of use in high traffic areas. Made of solid cherry with ebony and cherry inlay. The Gallery Pedestal can be used in a variety of different ways. You can display paintings, sculptures, awards or anything else on it's solidly crafted base. Made of solid cherry with ebony and cherry inlay.
Display Case Tilted Pedestal Art Pedestal
Set of four individual curved bookcases. Can be arranged in unique layouts. Solid cherry construction. Shell Pedestal table. Ebonized cherry legs with hand carved shell patterns on top give this pedestal an exquisite look. Perfect for displaying artwork.
Curved Bookcases Mirrored Case Pedestal Table

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