About the Artist

John DeMott is passionate about the craftsmanship he puts into all of his pieces. He takes the time to make every joint secure and flawless. In today's world, our customers appreciate the pride they
feel in having exceptional hand crafted furniture
in their homes.

Most importantly, his furniture is built to use
every day. It should be touched, opened, and objects should be placed on it. Handmade furniture takes on not only the character of the builder, but also the user.

John DeMott has studied at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. In addition to twenty years of immersion in the craft, he teaches classes on furniture design and construction techniques and participates in various art fairs.

If you are interested in these exact pieces, a variation of them, or something totally unique, please contact John at JD Woodworking.

Thanks for viewing this web page. Please call, fax or email me with any questions.

---John E. DeMott


custom handmade hardwood furniture one of a kind or high quality shaker and arts and crafts reproductions


Email - John DeMott

Phone - 314-569-3242

Fax - 314-469-2750




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